Brands We Love: Chocolate Cravings

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When it comes to Valentine's Day gifts, there's no escaping our craving for chocolate. From beautiful packaging to old-school flavor, check out the treats we'll be sharing with our sweethearts (or enjoying solo!).

Tony's Chocolonely (Netherlands): "Retro vibrant packaging, check. Taste, CHECK." - Ryan, Sales 

Cadbury Dairy Milk (UK): "The OG. No unique flare, just the original best chocolate." - Monish, Operations

Antidote (Brooklyn): "This local Greenpoint company (Hey, neighbors!) makes a super rich dark chocolate with both raw and roasted cacao, plus unique flavor combinations like Mango Juniper." - Carly, Marketing 

Crispy Crunch (Canada): "I used to get these bars all the time as a kid, when I spent my summers at the beaches in Fort Erie, Canada." - Chris, Design 

Compartes (Los Angeles): "Their Hazelnut Toast is really sweet in the best way. It's $10 for a bar, but the branding is really fun, and I feel like I'm getting some dope chocolate." - Carlo, Dovetail 

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