The Ice Essentials

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The Ice Essentials

There's more to ice than meets the eye when crafting a cocktail. Certain types of ice are essential for particular cocktails, and the quality of the ice itself is an important factor. We're breaking down the ice essentials you need to know so that your next cocktail creation will be a masterpiece. 

Ice Quality

When it comes to making a cocktail, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is using subpar ice. Ice infuses flavor into cocktails, so that freezer burn laden stuff that's been sitting in your freezer since who knows when will leave your drink with a funky taste.

Insert the Peak Ice Works line of ice trays. Designed with cocktails in mind, these ice trays are the ultimate tool for home bartenders. 

Types of Ice

Everyday Ice: Everyday ice is 1 1/4 inch cubes that are used both when shaking and mixing up cocktails as well as in a variety of drinks, including Highballs and Shandies. 
Extra Large Ice: Extra large ice cubes are perfect for strong cocktails like Old Fashioneds and Negronis because they melt slowly, thus they don't dilute the drink. 
Crushed Ice: Crushed Ice is essential for cocktails that require maximum dilution such as Mint Juleps because it melts very quickly. 
Sphere Ice: Sphere ice functions the same way extra large ice does - the only difference is that it is a sphere and not a cube! 
Clear Ice:  Clear ice is the showstopper of ice styles. An insulated mold allows for top-down freezing that pushes out any bubbles and impurities that leaves a perfectly clear extra large ice cube