The Power of Lunch

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 Porter ESYNYC

Growing up, what did your lunch look like? Did your parents lovingly pack you sandwiches with hand-drawn sticky notes? Did you scrounge for sustenance in the school cafeteria? Were you all about the veggies—or was your diet 99% pizza and chicken fingers?

Whether we realize it or not, where and how we grow up has a major impact on our relationship with food. Many children have little idea what a tomato looks like, let alone an eggplant or Brussels sprouts. Yet by introducing food education early on in the lives of students, we can help open their minds—and their palates—to the healthful foods that fuel brighter futures.

That's why we've chosen to partner with Edible Schoolyard NYC—to help support a future in which children all have access to nourishing whole foods and the skills to prepare those meals for themselves. Proceeds from the sale of every Porter Bowl and copy of Lunch! will help us reach this goal, as well strive to fully cover the annual expenses of an ESYNYC Network School by 2020.


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