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About the Book

Drawing from centuries-old Ayurvedic wisdom, OJAS caters to our modern dietary sensibilities: eating with the seasons, healing ourselves with food from the inside out, striking a balance in our diet and eating for our bodies’ individual needs. Chef Nira Kehar, trained in classic French cuisine, elevates the use of traditional Ayurvedic ingredients and spices in 99 recipes that are delicious, inspired and healing. #cookingOJAS

About the Author

About Nira Kehar

Nira Kehar, a native of Montreal, Canada, attended culinary school in Québec, before embarking on a decade-long culinary journey in India. She was the chef-owner of New Delhi's beloved French brasserie Chez Nini, and a collaborator on multiple food projects for different organizations, most notably India Art Fair. Her first book, a self-published art book about storytelling through food, Eating Stories, was created for an event she hosted at the James Beard Foundation in 2014. This is Nira's first cookbook, born out of a passion and lifelong study of Ayurveda.