Infuse: Oil, Spirit, Water

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We are excited to introduce our second full-length recipe book, Infuse: Oil, Spirit, Water! Filled with fresh and flavorful oil, spirit and water infusions, Infuse is a recipe book with the guidance you need to make delicious infusions part of your everyday. In Infuse, we share not only our favorite infusion recipes, but also how to use them in food and cocktails, like a spicy chili oil added to grilled pizza Bianca or a hot toddy spiked with peach bourbon. With more than 50 recipes, Infuse provides instructions, quick tips and plenty of insp



Olio Santo
makes 8 oz

  • ½ oz of dried Calabrian chilies
  • 8 oz of extra virgin olive oil
  1. Grind the chilies in a spice grinder or food processor until coarsely ground (use gloves or wash your hands after handling!)
  2. Combine with the olive oil in an 8 oz Mason jar and shake briefly until the ground chilies are evenly mixed into the oil.
  3. Let sit in a cool dark place for two weeks to allow the oil to infuse and the chilies to settle.
  4. Use sparingly as you would use hot sauce. The infusion will keep for up to two months stored in a cool, dark place.
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