Our Mission

We believe that every interaction with food and drink is an opportunity for creativity and community. Our thoughtfully designed products offer both stylish and functional improvements to everyday tools, enhancing daily meals and cooking. So whether you’re planning a five-course feast or simply taking lunch on-the-go, we’re excited to be the trusted brand you turn to.

Striving Toward Sustainability

As innovators in the field of food and drink, we strive to create products that help consumers rethink and reduce their eco-impact. We also continue to evolve and improve our best practices, seeking solutions in the following areas:


Balancing style and sustainability, our Porter collection offers a full range of high quality, design-forward reusables to replace wasteful single-use plastics while eating and drinking on-the-go.


From first sketch to final product, we take an active role in the manufacturing process, collaborating with factory partners to ensure product quality and responsible business practices.


Whether sharing eco-friendly tips, developing recipes or actively volunteering in our local community, we partner with other mission-driven brands on thoughtful activations and collaborations.

What's Next?

Through interactions with our growing community, collaboration with our manufacturing partners and thoughtful exchanges with leaders in the field, we are constantly seeking the next big idea. We appreciate your feedback and participation in the process, and look forward to following your adventures in food and drink!

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