Owney's Rum

Featured Recipe Photo

To kick off the W&P Design Field Trip series, the design team visited The Noble Experiment, a unique craft distillery that’s making delicious white rum just a few blocks away from our Bushwick office.

Owney’s Rum is distilled from 100% American cane molasses yielding a spirit with distinct aromas of pineapple and tropical citrus. And The Noble Experiment is the only completely female-operated distillery in the US, how rad is that?

Bridget Firtle founded the rum distillery in 2012. The former financial analyst is a big fan of the versatile spirit and was looking to create her own all natural, non-GMO rum, and she did just that. Owney’s Rum consists of three simple ingredients: New York tap water, molasses and yeast. The high-quality ingredients get mashed, fermented, distilled, blended and filtered before they are bottled. The result is truly magnificent.